Log Home Restoration - Knowing When to Media Blast; the Good, the Bad and the Dusty

When it comes to logging home remediation, media blasting has become an appropriate way of cleansing and getting rid of some surfaces from the logs and other surface areas. Like any kind of cleansing or removing, care needs to be taken to not change the profile or damage the surface area of the logs or another substrate.

There are various kinds of blasting media being used in the marketplace. The most popular for log home repair is crushed corn cob, crushed glass or glass beads and salt bicarbonate (baking soda.) Each has its place and function.


Corn cob is most likely the most popular and easily offered. It works well at getting rid of hard surfaces without hurting fragile surface areas such as vinyl trim, aluminum or glass. It likewise can be recovered, sorted and recycled a couple of times before becoming invested and of no value. The disadvantages of using corn cob are its expense. Like another foodstuff, corn is getting costly, particularly when using several thousand pounds on a log home. And 2, it most likely develops one of the most dust. Although any carefully ground media will be dirty, corn cob being so light and less thick produces even more than most others. Likewise, being the dirtiest methods that it will get in every nook and cranny around your log home. It would be smart to ask whoever you get to do your blasting exactly what safety measures will be required to remove as much dust as possible. Simply as a side note, some dust will enter the home no matter exactly what is done to avoid it so be prepared to do some spring cleaning. There are a couple of methods nevertheless to assist decrease the seepage.